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The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists is a non-profit association
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This site is operated by independent scientologists and is neither endorsed by, nor associated or affiliated with the corporate company
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    Here will be listed Independent Freezone Training Groups, Centres and Academies around the world.

    These are distinct from Independent Auditors and Auditing Groups as they are primarily centers where one can do training in the original working technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

    In order to be listed here a Freezone Training Centre (FTC) it would need to be an IFA member, demonstrate that it is on source and delivering the original working technology.

    We can expect this list to grow in time.

    FTCs are categorized by Country & Region for your convenience

    Freezone Training Groups, Centers and Academies

    Region or State
    Center Name
    Training Level
    Training delivered
    USA Southern Cal Tech Team Los Angeles USA Tech Team Contact Class VIII, NOTs Standard LRH Bridge
    Training, Auditing
    & C/Sing
    Specializing in OT and NOTs levels

    In order to be listed here please contact Support at the IFA

    Please note: The International Freezone Association receives no commercial interest direct or otherwise from any of the people listed above. The IFA does not endores or recommend any particular group or individual listed and this list is provided on an informative basis only.

    Also please note that this list does NOT include all those private individuals who have elected to support the IFA by offering a donation and agreeing with the purposes and aims of the IFA and do not wish to provide public details about themselves.

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